No Internet!

I haven´t posted much on this site because there has been zero or no WIFI on this march!  Went over the Pyrennes with a too-heavy backpack and it was ardous.  Met some great people.  Mike from Seattle, Dennis from Ireland and so many others, some of whom are only walking to Pamplona.  Stayed a big Albergue in an old medieval church-monastery.  Had pilgrim´s meal with others and went to one of only two bars in town.  Toe nail may be coming off but surprisingly no blisters.  Went to pilgrims-peregrino mass and received blessing from the Spanish priest, who was a hoot.  Meeting people from all over the world.  My bunkmates were from England and Denmark.  Huge rainstorm at night.

Second day was easier, but not much, got turned around in the nearest town near Roncesvalles and had to turn back with my heavy backpack…about a half mile wasted.  It was a slight drop off in difficulty as there were many more downhill grades.  Noticed there were many food trucks or stands that catered to pilgrims.  I was smoked and rested and took Advil, then made it downhill.  Met with Mike to smoke a cigar near his hotel in Zubrisi, a small town with a medieval bridge.  In small Albergue with only 12 beds…8 of us in a small rooom with two bathrooms-showers.  Had dinner with Mike at a truck stop type of joint at the edge of town.  Mike, an Army vet and pharmacy sales guy, is very gregarious and knows how to talk to folks.  We had drinks with Maria from France, Nadja from Africa and Deborah from England.  Tired.  Need to do something about this weight ASAP!

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