Walking the Camino de Santiago

For about four years, I’ve wanted to walk northern Spain’s Camino de Santiago.  I decided to do so this summer to coincide the St. Fermin festival and annual “Running with the Bulls” in Pamplona.  I first learned of the Way of St. James from a friend at Zoo Bar in Washington, DC, probably in 2004.  I hadn’t thought of it for years until a couple of soldiers at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan, suggested that I watch a 2010 movie called “The Way.”  The movie was powerful.  I watched it with fellow Knights of Columbus brothers in May 2013 in a run-down building at Camp Eggers.  This was only a few days after my command had lost four contractors, along with two infantry soldiers, in a terrible car-bombing in central Kabul.

They say everyone has a reason to walk The Camino.  I am not even sure if I am doing it for those six, others who I lost in war and peace, for myself–or other reasons.  It’s nearly 500 miles (the French Route, or French Way) to the Cathedral at Santiago…you have to have a reason to do it.

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